Sunday, 16 January 2011

Week 6

The first day of week 6. The docs called me last night at 7pm to cancel my appointment for the next day which had been made 10 days ago and Id been waiting for patiently to find out if everything was ok….. Darren wasn’t having any of it and made them see me earlier as they were only cancelling as the doctor ‘needed to leave earlier’. I had to get time off work which meant working it back on lunches which I could do without with how I’m feeling right now.

It was as much of a waste of time as the last visit. They didn’t test the sample they asked me to bring (the sample I made a special journey to get a pee pot for!) as I had done a home text 2 days earlier to make sure everything was still ok. She said ‘There is no point in me doing that if you’ve already done one’… Ok don’t put yourself out doc! I would be making this all up!

She told me they couldn’t do an early scan before 7 weeks. I know this isn’t true as I’ve read all about it online. They can detect a heartbeat via an internal scan at 6 weeks! They can at least tell if the pregnancy is in the uterus or is ectopic!

She tells me nothing more and says if my symptoms get worse or I get pain or bleeding / spotting to return next Friday (which would be my third visit) then come back and they would arrange an early scan. It makes me wonder what the purpose of the first visit was if they told me it was too early to see me (yet told Darren on the phone I should come in), also the second visit she TOLD me to come back for, as if I was still in as much pain they couldn’t do an early scan anyway… so why have me waste my time again.

I had to ask what I did about seeing a midwife as she clearly thought I was psychic! Apparently doctors ‘don’t take anything to do with that any more, patients contact midwives themselves and self book’…. Okay, it would be nice to have been given that piece of info without having to keep asking what I’m supposed to do all the time.

You read everywhere that this is the most important stage of pregnancy as it has the most foetal development and you should be careful about allsorts of things, yet I have yet to see any care provider who gave me any advice on what I should be doing, what I should be eating, taking as vitamins… nothing! The doctors are treating me like I’m a hypochondriac when all I want is some reassurance or even some advice. Good god, someone actually treating me like I was pregnant would be nice.

This week has been horrid. I’ve had bad stomach pains, exhaustion and really bad nausea which is completely doing my head in. I keep getting dizzy spells and feel like I’m going to faint. Apparently the worse you feel, the better it is, but that’s not much consolation when you’re feeling like this. A latest development is crying for no reason. I went off on one this week after my docs appointment as I was feeling so deflated about it all. I could cope with feeling like this if I knew everything was ok… The thought of feeling like this for no reason. Its not like me to cry for no good reason, but hey ho, I seem to have every horrid symptoms going….so much so I’m wishing for twins so I don’t have to do this again!

Ive emailed the midwives and they are contacting me with a booking in appointment so that will be the next progression I suppose. Im just praying she has a better bedside manner than my doctor.

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