Sunday, 16 January 2011

21 - 22 Weeks

I reached 22 weeks today and suffice to say theres been little change in my sickness and health over the past month or so.

Thankfully I havent actually been throwing up but the constant feeling of wanting to is there all the time. Its bad during the day but during the evening and night its horrendous. The only thing that stops it is eating. 10 miinutes after you stop eating, its there again. The problem is finding something you want to eat and nothing ever appeals. Food which was my one and only vice has truthfully lost its appeal for me. Its now something I have to force myself to do to feel better and for the baby.

The newest symptom this past 2 weeks has been absolutely awful indigestion. Ive had it up to now but it has intensified so much this last 2 weeks. Where gaviscon did the job before, now it has little effect. Coupled with the nausea its far from pleasant. I think if every womans pregnancy was this way we'd have a massive population decrease, lol.

Sleeping is still elusive and I never get to sleep before maybe 4am. I get about 2 and a half hours sleep and then lie in bed resting until about lunchtime as I dont feel up to getting up before then. I suppose its good training for the sleepless nights to come. My many symptoms this past few months have prepared me for pretty much anything you can throw at me.

The backache has finally started in earnest. I suffer from sciatica anyway and its playing up like crazy right now. I think its from the effort of lying down and sitting up. Its unbelievable how hard this is. I dont have much of a belly yet but I have no power in my stomach to pull myself into a sitting position, so a lot of the effort seems to go into my lower back.

Also I dont know if any other pregnant women had this but with the strecting of ligaments and muscles around the pelvis to prepare you for childbirth, Ive found turning over in bed (which I do a lot because of the sciatica) a nightmare. My hip joints feel unstable and painful when I try to rotate around in bed. When Im30 weeks +, I dread to think what this is going to be like. Upturned turtle comes to mind, lol.

Im thinking that having fibromyaligia and IBS have added to the effects of pregnancy on my body, as well as obviously the addition of hyperemesis. Hitler in a previous life methinks.... This has definately been a challenge thus far and bloody hard work. Im wishing the next 4 months away right now.

We had the 2nd scan yesterday which went well. EVerything looked ok and the babies size was normal. They could see the heart and all the valves which was a relief. We also got a nice side profile piccie to send to my mum :o)

Over halfway there... 22 down... 18 to go!

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