Sunday, 16 January 2011

24 - 25 Weeks

I'm now approaching 26 weeks (in 2 days). The last couple of weeks haven't brought that much change (gladly).

The SPD is keeping pretty steady and has not worsened thankfully. It's still very painful but I can walk about in the house during the day with only mild discomfort. I can't go out and walk about for any longer than about 20 mins to half an hour. It's mainly the evening and night it feels worse. I had one very unpleasant additional experience in bed last week where something happened as I turned over and there was a massive clunk from my hip. The pain was excrutiating. Darren not only heard it, but felt it vibrate all through the bed, it actually woke him up. I'm not sure what it was but the only thing I can liken it to was a joint popping out and back in again very quickly.

This past week I've felt a definate worsening in my sickness. I have had about 2-3 weeks where although its still been there I have felt a little better. If I tried to do too much however, it reminded me and had me feeling like death. This past week however, I've definately felt it going back to constant nausea. I've managed to get it down to having a period of about half an hour to an hour after I've eaten where I don't feel sick now and I'm hoping it doesn't continue to worsen. The down side is I'm eating so much to try to help the sickness. I'm going to be absolutely massive!!! So far I have put back on the stone I lost in the early stages of pregnancy so I am back to the weight I was before I got pregnant (well about 2 pounds heavier).

With hyperemesis woman can get a break around the mid 20 something weeks (like I've had to a degree) and then it can come back after a month or so's break and be with you for the last few months due to a late surge in hormones again. At the minute thats what I'm absolutely terrified of. The SPD may be painful, but that I can deal with. If the sickness I have been through comes back again, I know I will find it very hard to cope with.

On a pleasant note, the movements and kicking and much more pronounced now. If he kicks high enough up, I can see it through my clothes. Darren has been able to feel quite a few kicks now. Its definately reassuring to know alls ok in there.

On Wednesday I'm off to the hospital again for a glucose tolerance test for Gestational Diabetes. That will be a joyful experience. I have to be there at 8:30 (its about a 40 minute drive) and am not allowed to eat or drink (apart from water) from 9pm the previous evening. I drink a glass of sickeningly sweet stuff and wait 2 hours (alone because youre not allowed to bring anyone due to limited space) then have my blood tested for its sugar level. Fingers crossed that goes ok.

Just over 3 months to go!!

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