Sunday, 16 January 2011

26 - 29 Weeks

I realised this evening, I hadn't written in my pregnancy diary for a while (lazy bugger). I wanted to document all 40 weeks, so must try harder!

There has been little in the way of big changes in the last few weeks. I have definately grown larger (although strangely not heavier). My belly is growing and is quite hard to the touch now. Baby Davy (I think its maybe safe to call him Isaac now as we havent changed our minds) moves a lot which is oddly comforting if a little freaky sometimes. The oddest thing is the rolls he does sometimes which makes me feel like that guy from Alien, lol. I can see his movements and kicks through my clothes but when I try to pull up my jumper to watch him moving about, he remains remarkably still. Playing statues at an early age.....

I lost 17 pounds in the first couple of months of pregnancy from illness. I have since put back on that 17 pounds and another 2 pounds on top which puts me on track for a normal pregnancy weight gain. Thats something Im glad about as I imagined I would put on much much more weight. It was hard losing the 3 stones I did in the 2 years leading up to my wedding, so I knew I would have a tendency to gain weight at a fast pace. I'm just glad my pregnancy illness has not affected the baby in any way.

My sickness again has stayed much the same. I have only been sick once in the past month. Although I tend to feel ill every day from mid afternoon straight through until bedtime, I am still able to eat (albeit a very limited diet) and I have a period of time every morning and lunchtime where I have a few hours break from the ick monster. Knowing there is only 2 and 1/2 months to go somehow makes it easier to deal with.

The hip pain has unfortunately worsened and I will be asking the midwife when I see her on 5th January to refer me for physio. Nightime in bed is agony and I am nearing being almost unable to roll over at all. Getting up for the loo is a nightmare so I try to avoid drinking much a few hours before bed. Im hoping it improves after the birth although worringly the birth can make it worse. As with everything people have different experiences of it so I'll just have to wait and see what happens with me.

We had a 4D scan at 27 weeks which was exciting! It was lovely to see his face and reassuring that everything looked ok. While I didn't get all emotional and gooey like most mums to be maybe would (I dont get why I dont...) it was something im glad we did. While I was having the scan I thought he looked a lot like Darren, but wasn't sure if I was imagining things. Afterwards, ive been told by about 6 different people that he looks like Darren and nothing like me, lol. I hope theres a little something of me in there somewhere when he pops out but it is nice that he looks so much like his dad :o)

I'm getting to the stage where Im getting everything ready and just looking forward to having him here. Its 10 weeks to go and I'm so glad to have made it this far with everything being ok. Labour still terrifies me, but if all those other women have done it, Im sure I'll manage.

Bring on the drugs!!!

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