Sunday, 16 January 2011

Its Positive!

This is the first day of my pregnancy diary. Its something I have seen there to be a severe lack of online and something I would love to read so see other womans experiences and how they are feeling at different stages. I also hope its something my child will enjoy reading some day.

Its 27th June, my mums birthday and the day England got knocked out of the world cup. Its between football matches, England have just been sorely hammered by Germany and the house is a football quiet zone for all of an hour or so before the next match is due to start.

I’ve had indigestion all day. Really bad indigestion. Much worse than Ive ever had before. I feel a bit odd too. Sluggish. Nothing really more specific than that. I’ve had horrendous period cramps for almost 2 weeks and I’m 2 days late now. I feel like I’m due to come on at any stage though.

I have one cheapy pregnancy test upstairs. One of the 2 for 89p ones from a cheapy shop. It’ll do no harm I suppose.

The pink test line comes up immediately and all seems to be all clear. I content myself that I’ll just have to be patient and await the arrival of my monthly. I walk into the bathroom to wash my hands and as I leave to walk downstairs again I take the test with me. I double take! There is definitely a faint pink line alongside the main dark pink one. 2 lines…..

Surely not! The first month of trying! I went downstairs to show Darren, maybe more for reassurance that I wasn’t imagining things. He didn’t seem too convinced by the faint line.

I had bought a couple of pregnancy tests from Asda the day before while doing our weekly shop. Not quite 89p for 2, but not the most expensive ones. I waited an hour or so until the need to pee returned and tried again…..

Again the same pink line… fainter than the test line, but definitely there. Looks like im pregnant! I am quite shocked and surprised. Maybe my disbelief and confusion due to my crampy belly has left Darren unconvinced as he wants another test first thing in the morning to be sure.

Deep down I know though. I wont forget the day I found out. My mums birthday. That’s quite nice. Whats quite funny is the night we most probably conceived was the night we went to see ‘Letters to Juliette’ at the cinema. Darren hated it. 2 hours of complete torture for him, lol. That’s something to remember too.

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