Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Month 5 & 6

So I've missed a month! Naughty mummy! Maybe though that shows how busy the little blighters make us at the above age.

So whats new with Isaac? We'll the last couple of months have brought the landmarks of weaning and rolling over (lots!), as well as supporting his weight on his arms. He never has been keen on 'tummy time' so I thought he would make any effort to stay on his front, but he has been doing so lately. You have to watch him like a hawk though as no matter how much space you give him, he will always gravitate towards the only unlikely danger in the room.

He still shows no real interest in sitting up himself, as much as I try to encourage him. He still topples over sideways, backwards or leans right forwards so he's almost doubled in half, lol. I know he'll do these things in his own time, but I am keen to make sure I am encouraging and doing everything I can for him. I don't want to think I have failed him somehow.

We had started him in his own bed at month 6 but he came down with a virus (caught from me) 2 days later so was very unsettled and unhappy. I didn't think it was the right time to combine with getting him used to his own bed, so we took him back into his smaller cot in our room. We then had his christening and people staying in the house, so we kept him in our room so as not to keep everyone awake all night traipsing in and out of rooms, lol.

Right now he's teething big time! He's been very whingy and has been crying a lot for a few weeks now. The drooling, biting and shoving everything in his mouth has been going on for a good couple of months now, but his gums are swollen recently and we're having to use teething gel several times a day and some nights even Calbrufen. Yesterday I spotted a little hole in his gum where a tooth is trying to break through (he won't let me photograph it). Its not quite through yet, but its on its way, bless him! We should have a tooth to photograph for next months blog!

He's been enjoying his swing time in the park, has trips out somewhere every day and loves nothing more than getting out and about in his pram. We have a god routine now where he gets up, has his breakfast, has a play on his mat, we play with some of his toys, he has some bottle and he naps for an hour (if i'm very lucky) in the early afternoon. We try to do something mid afternoon and then we leave to collect his dad from work at 4 O'clock.

Next week he starts swimming lessons which I'm looking forward to. It'll be something else for him to do and a new experience for him. The school he will be going to when he's old enough, (Hothfield School) is literally 2 minutes from our front door and it has a heated baby pool where they teach swimming from birth to 9 years old. Lets hope he enjoys it.

For his christening he was a model baby and didn't cry once. He was passed around everyone for a hold afterwards and seemed to enjoy the day. He also has taken remarkably to his godmother Kelly and godfather Dave and even fell asleep on both of them (almost unheard of). He behaved the whole weekend when everyone was here. Of course once everyone left our house, he started misbehaving and screaming again (the little blighter). I worked out though that was simply because he was being held or fussed over all day over the weekend which I cant do when I'm on my own, hence the model behaviour.

A big love which has developed is dogs, which I'm delighted about. He squeals in excitement when he see's Chewy coming near to him (although Chewy being an older boy is less than keen). He also has met his aunt and uncles dog Maggie, which he loved and a friend Claires dog, that he also loved. He's definately going to be a dog person! :o)

So as the little blighter is giving off again, I must go. I'll leave you with some video of him with Chewy and a few pics as always.