Wednesday, 19 January 2011

34 Weeks & Physiotherapists Appointment

Today marks me reaching the 34 week mark in my pregnancy (see 2nd pic for a 34 week baby).

I am definately starting to feel different and the effects that pregnancy are having on my body. This past week my sickness has returned with a vengeance but with it has come some concerning symptoms. Severe dizziness, heaviness in my arms and legs, visual disturbance and weakness. I have some close to collapse a couple of times while out doing very small errands. I don't push myself and do very little as I know I am not up to anything more, but the simple act of 10 minutes in Asda and walking back out to my car had me reeling and rocking back on my heels. Thankfully I got to my car ok, but I honestly thought I was going to pass out in the carpark.

Being a bit worried about Pre-Eclampsia with these new symptoms I made an appointment with the doctor who seemed a bit confused with why I was there and what I was worried about as all of these symptoms are normal symptoms of pregnancy. Better to be safe than sorry surely? I honestly didn't think almost collapsing after 10 minutes on your feet was normal. He took my blood pressure which was 117/78. Perfect bp, but low for me. I usually sit around 140/90, at the high end of normal. I did tell him that and he explained that a low bp was normal in the first and third trimesters of pregnancy.

I may feel awful and have been advised I have to rest and put my feet up as much as possible, but at least I know I don't have anything serious wrong with me which helps me relax a little.

The physiotherapist gave me a lot of useful information about movements to avoid, exercises to do, tips on other ways to move and explained exactly what was going on. I have a traumatic rupture of the symphsis pubis and have been told to limit movement as much as I can. Even something as simple as how I get in and out of a car can badly effect me. They also gave me a great tip about turning in bed which is agony for me right now, which sucks as I can only lie on ay one side for a maximum of 15 minutes. Rather than try to roll over onto my other side, I should completly flip the other way on the bed so my head is at the bottom. This turns me onto my other side without the roll. I'll try that one tonight.

Another symptom which I had escaped so far was the tiredness, but that had caught up with me this past week as well. I am completely exhausted and wiped out. I feel like I could sleep on a log at the minute during the day but I lie wide awake in bed at night. I don't understand why as I don't give in to sleeping through the day, for fear of lying awake at night. I suppose Im getting well prepared for the sleepless nights ahead of me. I just hope the first few months of Isaacs life are easier than the pregnancy has been. I can honestly say this past 7 months have been the hardest of my life to this stage.

Its very clear to me now how women in late pregnancy feel so uncomfortable. Looking at the diagram showing the displacement of organs during pregnancy, its not surprising im suffering from breathlessness, nausea and chronic indigestion. I long for my body back and I don't mean weight or a flat stomach... just feeling normal again and not constantly ill and tired.

A lot of normal activities are now no-gos for me and I find I'm not capable of very much at all. With 6 weeks to go until my due date, I have a feeling its going to be a very long month and a half.

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  1. I hope baby Isaac comes a week or two early (as long as he's perfectly ready to come out) so you can have an end to your discomfort and sickie feelings a bit earlier than expected.

    I'd thought I'd followed already but I have now! I look forward to seeing you write about Isaac as he turns from a baby to a toddler and from a toddler into a wee man! x x x