Sunday, 16 January 2011

An Introduction

Here I am again trying this blogger thing. I joined an age ago but have never really used it as few people read blogger sadly, but now being almost 8 months pregnant, I have decided to keep a log of my pregnancy (I have old Facebook notes I can transfer across) and our babies birth and early years. I'm hoping it will be something he will enjoy looking back on when he gets older. He can see his scans, his first photo, diaries about his 'firsts'... crawling, walking, talking.

A colleague did this for his son and the results were lovely to read and follow and it became apparent for me how cool this would be for his son to be able to access when he was old enough to be interested.

If you've decided to follow, then welcome! I hope you enjoy my blogs and hopefully you may give blogger a go also, so we can share in each others developing lives and experiences.

Quite a few blogs will follow all at once while I get up to date with the old pregnancy blogs. Rest assured, the updates will be much less frequent going forwards. :o)

Let's go!

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