Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Month 3

Isaac is now 12 weeks old and still growing fast. At least the 3-6 month clothes he wears are his correct age range... although most 'just' fit him and he has outgrown some (including his beloved Kermit all-in-one and Ramones tops)Booooo. We are going to get his ACDC, Ramones, Cookie Monster, Metal Horns and Kermit tops put in a big clip frame and hung on the wall in his nursery when we move. It'll be something cool to keep, even when he is grownup!

This past month in the way of developments, he has become much sturdier and although he cannot sit upright unaided, he can sit on your knee and support his own head and back if you hold him. He loves his bumbo given to him by Mark & Helen although I have to support his head or put it against something when he sits in it. I just hope his bum fits into it when he's ready to use it as it seems the perfect size now.

He has started to giggle now as well which is sooooo cute. He smiles all the time which is lovely as well. He seems to recognise us and there are people he seems to have developed preferences for... so far apart from us, he loves Darrens dad and seemed to enjoy being held by his friend at Dereks wedding. He definately seems to have a preference for men, although some do set him off bawling, lol.

The latest development this week has been much better sleeping. He is now doing 5-6 hours straight which is fantastic. He refuses to sleep until 10pm at the earliest, although it is usually more likely to be between 11 and 12 midnight, but then he stays down until 5am or 6am sometimes! Good boy!!!

This month he met Kelly & Dave for the first time. Unfortunately he was being a crabby baby that day. We can't complain though as he did a full day at a wedding and didn't cry at all. He also was good the following day at a family meal, just having a bit of a whinge because he was hungry (all the way through the meal as usual).

He has his 3 month jabs next week which is something i'm not looking forward to after the last time. Especially since I had Darren with me then and this time I'll be alone. :o(

I'll leave you with some 3 month piccies


  1. Aw look how much he's changed. So very adorable!

  2. It's a good idea to put his wee tops in a clip frame, that'll look cool and you can embarrass him with it when he's a teenager :)

    It's good he's sleeping more :)