Monday, 11 July 2011

Month 4

Isaac is now just over 4 months old. How time flies! 4 months sounds quite young though and he's such a big baby, he looks much older. He's bigger than a lot of 6 month olds I see. He's also in 6-9 month clothes now which fit him perfectly!

He can hold his head completely rigid now and will be sitting completely unaided soon now I would think. When he sits on my knee, I just have to support him very gently so he doesn't topple backwards or forwards. His favourite thing at the minute is standing up and having us support him. He can stand on the ground if you hold his hands and stands happilly on your knee if you support him gently around the waist. He loves it and is all smiles and giggles when he's doing it. He doesn't show any interest in rolling over or crawling. He doesn't actually seem a big fan of the ground or laying down in general. He's even started to object to taking his bottle in a reclined position.

This month we tried a small amount of mashes banana mixed with his milk which he adored. We had a little bit (about the size of a small bite) twice. He didn't go to the loo for 3 days after that, so no more banana until he's much holder. It may have been nothing to do with that but I'll err on the side of caution. He's not a big fan of baby rice or the flavoured baby porridge I got him, so I think I'll leave trying food again for a month or so.

There are still no teeth although he's drooling a serious amount and biting everything, has been for weeks now. He's also been very unsettled for the last couple of weeks. Crying a lot, screaming in fact for what seems like no reason. Nothing soothes him sometimes. We wonder if its painful wind. Its almost impossible to tell. He has everything we can provide to help with his wind, but he's still a very, very windy baby.

He stayed away from home overnight for the first time since he was born a couple of days ago. Unfortunately he didn't stop screaming until after 1am when he finally fell asleep. This had went on since tea time, so grandad had a baptism by fire there! He's only due 2 overnight stays this year (once for Alice Cooper and once for The Darkness) away from us so hopefully he'll behave on them. It is incredibly draining at the minute though as there just isn't a spare minute from him and he cries so much right now I do all night feeds and all getting up as Darren obviously needs to be up early for work and I can't remember the last proper nights sleep I got.

Apparently babies get to an age where they go through this unsettled stage and we've got it now. His smiles do make all the hard work worth it though and I know this is just a phase that will pass. The complete change to your life is shocking though, even though you knew it would happen beforehand, nothing prepares you for it.

The babysitting thing is so hard. People either have dogs that we are a bit wary of leaving Isaac with as they are quite rough (just excitable) or they have no experience of children or they live too far away. The only babysitters we have is Darren's dad Derek and his wife Kath and there's only so much you want to impose on 1 couple.

In other news this month we've been to Asda to do the grocery shop quite a few times and Isaac loves it. He loves to nosey at all the people and shelves. He always behaves really well.

He also loves his door bouncer and gets quite excitable in it. Although you have to sit down beside him and watch him in it so he bounces, otherwise he just screams to come out.

So not too much of note in the past month to document, just a very screamy baby. I keep telling myself 'It will pass'.

Morning doze time at about 7am!

Sleepy boy mid afternoon for about 20 minutes

Asda Shopping Trip

Activity Ring in Mr Bump outfit

Bouncing :o)

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