Saturday, 7 May 2011

Month 2

Isaac is now almost 10 weeks old and growing massively by the day. He is now wearing age 3-6 month clothes which 'just' fit him. He also has a couple of outfits which fit him that are 6-9 months! He is definately a big baby! The health visitor assures me he is not overweight and I am not overfeeding him. He is in proportion and will lose a lot of weight when he starts running about. The last thing I want is to leave the child with a legacy of being overweight.

The last month has been fraught with ill health for both me and Darren which took a while to get sorted out. It turns out I had a piece of retained placenta which made me very ill and causes several infections. LOts of antibiotics caused lots of problems and led to the end of me breast feeding at 8 weeks due to Isaac having a reaction to them. I tried to express while I was on the antiobiotics but it was then I discovered the retained placenta had affected my milk production anyway, so we decided to hit it on the head. He is doing well on the bottle now anyway. We switched him to Aptamil Comfort milk which is better for his tum as he has a tendency to get constipated and to have bad wind. I also bought some Dr Browns bottles, especially for eliminating wind. He seems to be doing well on a mix of the bottle, the new food and some dentinox colic drops. The spitting up and vomitting has all but gone!

He has progressed this past month from smiling to laughing which is adorable! He loves having his nose pressed and his chin tickled. He always gives me a big cheery smile when I pick him out of his cot on a morning :o)

I'm trying to introduce a routine very gradually. AT the minute we make sure he has a day outfit every day and changes into his pyjamas every night with his nappy change & wash so he knows its a different time of day. In the next week Im going to introduce a story at bedtime even though he won't know what Im saying, it will add to the routine and they like the sound of our voice. The week after I'm going to start puting him upstairs in his cot at about 9pm. The cot is beside our bed and I will need to go up and see to him im sure or wait with him until he falls asleep but at least it will establish a 'going upstairs early' routine. I will reduce the time to 8pm after a couple of weeks and then to 7pm a couple of weeks after. Hopefully by then we'll have him in the routine we want to keep him in until he's ready for his new room, which Im thinking of doing when we move to Darrens dads place. That should be in the next 2 months I would say.

He has now outgrown his Moses Basket and is in a rocking wooden crib beside our bed. The net stage will be his own cot in his own room.

We're learning more about his little personality every day. What he likes and doesn't. He likes having a bare bum! lol. He doesnt like wearing trousers. He isn't sure about the bath, but no longer cries when he's in there. He hates coming out of the bath and being wrapped in a towel though! He likes being sang to and dancing on your knee and hates to be left alone in his swing when he's woken up. I always try to have him out when he's awake so he gets as much stimulation as possible. He loves to look at his reflection. When he's on his activity mat (which he has a go on for about 10-15 minutes a day or as long as he'll tolerate) his favourite thing to do it to look at himself in the mirrored surface of a flower toy.

He also had his jabs this month which was awful. He screamed in pain when he had it done which was heartbreaking. Poor ba. Im definately not looking forward to taking him again in just over 2 weeks :o(

No doubt the next month will bring more progression for my little man. I look forward to it!

Smiley Boy

Beautiful Boy after his bath

Upset after his jabs

With Tony when he came to visit having a whinge

Many facial expressions


  1. Awwww, bless him! I love reading about him :) x

  2. He is an adorable wee thing. You need to keep me posted on his clothing sizes so I can knit/sew appropriately :o)