Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A whole year since an Isaac update!!! 21 MONTHS

My gawd!  What went wrong?  I went from monthly blogs, to bi-monthly blogs and then onto 1 blog in 5 months.  Its been A YEAR since my last update on Isaac!  When I last blogged he was 10 months.  He is going to turn 2 in Febuary!!

This would be one helluva long blog if I tried to record everything that had happened in that space of time, so a few highlights.

We had Isaacs 1st birthday earlier this year in Silsden in Darrens childhood home, where we were living at the time.  Thats something thats changed a lot in the last year.  We've had 3 house moves!!  Firstly to Silsden, then back to Northern Ireland in June of this year to a house a mere 2 minutes walk from my parents and finally a move at the end of October to Martinstown, a little Hamlet 8 miles outside Ballymena.  Its lovely here.  Very quiet and our house backs onto lovely countryside and fields.  It should be a great place to bring Isaac up fingers crossed if our landlord lets us rent for that long.

So back to Isaac.  His 1st birthday passed with him being surrounded by family on Darrens side.  My parents missed out a lot in the first year and a half of his life with me living in England, but now I'm back in Ballymena, they see us all most days which is great for them as they only have 1 kid (me!) and therefore 1 grandchild (Isaac).  Its been a good and positive move for us all round so onwards and upwards in our new home. :)

Isaac started walking a couple of weeks after his first birthday.  He's a little trooper and is into EVERYTHING he can be.  He doesn't seem to have any fear (or sense) and climbs on everything before trying to launch himself into thin air, so you always have to be around and prepared to prevent potential accidents.

He loves going to his new playgroup and is great with other kids, not letting the 'bullies' get away with any cr*p and trying to play with as many kids as possible.   He also still loves his swimming, although we haven't been in a while due to the weather and my joints not being so good at the minute.  When the weather picks up a bit, we'll be back at it.

He has a great relationship with my parents and enjoys getting in to see them and their dog Lucy who tolerates him like I never thought any terrier would!  They play tug-of-war with Lucys rubber chicken quite happilly, before Isaac bangs poor Lucy on the nose with it.

He has a great love of animals and everything he seems to have an interest in is around animals.  He loves watching birds in the garden and likes to go out to throw some seed for them.  He is a big dog fan (yay!) and loves farmyard animals.  His favourite song is 'Old MacDonald' and its hilarous listening to him trying to sing it.  It goes something like "ee-i-ee-i-oooo... COW!"

He is using his cups himself at mealtimes and we are trying to eliminate the bottles he has at bedtime and first thing in the morning, but at the minute he has a bad cold/sore throat, so we're waiting until that passes to take it away, as all that generally happens is he refuses to drink from the cup and throws a paddy.  We're not panicking though, as we'll get there.

The next big thing is to start potty training, but everywhere I've done research and every parent of boys that I've spoken to says its best with boys to start trying between the ages of 2 and 3.  Its difficult trying to do training in winter with it being so cold as much of the training involves him being naked... poor boy.  we're happy that he'll get there in his own time though.  There's nothing as irritating as the folks who try to impress THEIR viewpoints on you as to when it SHOULD be happening, as with theirs, it happened MUCH earlier! There will always be one person in your life like this, so its a matter of ignoring them and doing what you need to when your child is ready for it, not when someone else determines they should be.

So we've determined the boy is a dare devil with not much in the way of common sense.  He's funny, he loves animals, he's a big fan of chocolate and cheese (can't figure where he gets that from, lol), he loves lollies and Milky Bars.  He knows what he wants and he is OBSESSED with books, constantly demanding to be read certain books.  At least he knows how to say 'Please' and 'Thankyou'.  Currently his favourite books are 'Big Yellow Digger' and 'How to Grow a Dinosaur'.  He has something of an obsession with diggers and dinosaurs it seems.

He likes to paint and colour with crayons, he always demands we take the black crayon and colour with him.  We're convinced he's going to end up being a drummer as he drums on everything.  He loves to dance and his favourite songs to dance to at the minute are 'Pet Semetary - The Ramones, Safety Dance - Men without Hats' and 'Gangnam Style - PSY'.

His words are coming along wonderfully.  In fact I think I'll do a list of his words in another blog, for my records really, so I can look back at the words he learned first.

So thats it in a nutshell really.  I'm sure there is a lot more I could be writing about, but that'll have to suffice for now.  Hopefully I'll try to keep these blogs updated a couple of times a year.

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