Sunday, 27 March 2011

The First Month

Its taken me a while to get around to posting another blog since the birth one, but to say having a newborn in the house is an eye-opener is an under statement! Getting time to do anything much is a push. The short amount of time Isaac sleeps is spent trying to put on a load of washing (we're averaging 2 to 3 lots of a day at the minute), cook something, clean or tidy something or preparing a bottle for when he wakes up.

Talking of bottles, I was breast feeding Isaac and I still am, but just not exclusively. He has bottles for the wee small hours of night, although I breast feed him when we wake at 6ish. It started as a way for me to have a break but now it is a necessity to feed him some formula. I am also expressing milk for him, but given that he has up to 30 fl oz of milk a day, I simply cannot produce all that myself. Yesterday he had 34 fl oz! On one hand you think it has to be too much, but on the other hand, everywhere you read, tells you to feed on demand, as much as they want. If its too much, they will be sick. Oh yes, he throws up, usually all round me, lol. Its not excessive though and he's only had about 5 occasions where he has thrown up a large amount at one time.

So, we have established Isaac is a greedy little sod. He also has earned the name Grimble Grumble for his hatred of being winded, waiting on food or being changed. He isn't one to be quiet when he is annoyed. He doesnt like bath supports, but seems to prefer being held in the bath and floated back and forth. He HATES being changed or undressed and pees almost EVERY time we change him which makes doing it a challenge. If he's hungry, he wants his food yesterday, he is not keen to wait at all. Formula does my head in for this reason..... what baby understands waiting 25 minutes for the kettle to cool and then having to cool the actual bottle under the cold tap for him to have his dinner...certainly not Isaac.

He has started a lot of straining and grunting over the past few days which apparently is normal. Its down to him having an immature digestive system and having to learn he doesnt have to push and strain to go to the toilet. it is upsetting though as he appears in discomfort and pain, even though Ive been assured he isn't and most babies do this from 3 weeks to up to 3 months in age.

His sleeping pattern involves him sleeping more during the day than at night. He generally has his worst grumbly time from 11pm to 2:30am (sometimes going on until 3:30am). He then settles either for an hour or 2 until 4:30, or if we're really lucky, for 4 hours until 6:30. Then its up at 8:30 after a 2 hour cuddle and snooze on the bed. He generally then feeds and grumbles for a lot of the morning until about 11am or noon when he goes down again for another snooze. During the day its a case of a few hours awake, a few asleep. Although he has mastered the art of knowing when our dinner is ready even though the time can vary up to 4 hours in the evening from 5pm to 9pm!!! I think we've accepted the fact we'll have to eat seperately for the next few months.

Darren goes back to work tomorrow after taking an extra 2 weeks off work after his 2 weeks paternity leave. Its going to be hard work looking after Isaac alone as I don't have my parents here to help out every now and again and I don't like to impose on Darrens dad and his partner, apart from maybe a few hours 1 night per month to give us a chance for some alone time out together. It certainly illustrates how important having family close-by when you have a baby is.

My parents visited last week and met Isaac for the first time. They are over the moon with him and didn't want to leave. I've never seen my dad so soft. He didn't want to put him down. I just wish they lived closer, but I don't think I could ever live in Northern Ireland again and my mum would never move away. My parents also brought presents from extended family and friends and my friend Raymond sent a very generous £200 over for Isaac, so he now has a bank account with £400 in it! He officially has more money than us!! We're going to save a little each month for him so when he reaches 18, he can have a car or something he wants.

So the first month is past us. Tomorrow Isaac will be 1 month old. The time has flown in. Days seem to pass in the blinking of an eye. I find myself wondering what I did with all that spare time before he was here. I also find myself wishing I had done more constructive things with all that time I had. We're getting to know Isaacs little personality and what he likes and doesn't. I can't wait for him to get to the stage where he is reacting to us and smiling (where its not wind), where he plays and says his first word. Its bloody hard work but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Some piccies of his first month below

My Rainbow Rocking Chair

With Rachel

Chewy watching over me

I Rawk don't you know

I need a poo
My Pram Suit

Me with Mum

Me with Granny & Grandad when they visited from Ireland

A rare eyes open photo



  1. Flippin heck 1 month already??
    Lovely photos! :-)

  2. Aw, he really is such a cutie. You look well in these pics too hun, if a bit tired.

    When can we come see??? (eager much, me, no :oD) If you ever need someone to keep an eye on him at all hun you know where we are. It takes us no time to get to yours you know.

  3. Yup a whole month already. Time has flown!

    Youre welcome any time Joelle. Just let us know when. :o)